We believe that the best way for the audience to receive a message is to make it interesting by being entertaining and/or informative. That way there's something for people to talk about.

We work closely with you to create and deliver the messaging that you want. Whether it's for an instructional video, a product demonstration, or brand awareness, you'll always be a part of the creative process.

Video: Making of the MS-3 Gaming Mouse
Client: Func

Razer Blade 14 Unboxing & Overview

Unboxings and reviews provide entertainment and information to shoppers looking for the details of a product that company spec lists don't provide.

Suddenly a product is no longer just a studio picture on a company's product page, specifications written below it. With unboxings and reviews, the audience can see a product for what it is; the mystery of what you get is solved. 


Video: Razer Blade Unboxing and Review



From Las Vegas, Taipei, Vancouver, or Seattle, we've covered events with our two team crew, placing focus on new releases and announcements.

Our goal is to bring the event home to the audience who couldn't make it themselves. We push for as much coverage as we can manage, as quickly as possible, so the world doesn't miss out. 

By sponsoring us, you get your company's name in every video and our undying gratitude. 

Video: Corsair OC Main Event at Computex 2013



Some of our videos with the greatest traction are the sponsored build guides where we build a PC on a set budget and bring the viewer along for the process with the intention of giving the audience build ideas or teaching them how to put them together.


Video: Overkill Build Guide
Sponsor: Intel




We value our relationships with the people we work with and strive to meet your expectations.