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TechLinked is the newest addition to the Linus Media Group content family with a focus on rapid fire technology news.

Our diverse and talented hosts, and humorous delivery have made Techlinked an instant fan-favorite, and less than 1 year after its creation, Techlinked already boasts half a million subscribers!


Our flagship channel Linus Tech Tips has been giving an audience of over 7 million subscribers their daily technology fix for over ten years.

LTT has covered everything from computer processors to nuclear fusion power, and (something about maintaining viewer interest because you never know what's gonna happen).


We created Tech Quickie to serve as a "video encyclopedia" of technology concepts.

Since its creation in 2012, Tech Quickie's easy-to-understand "explainer" style content has been served over 300 million times in homes, coffees shops, and even classrooms!


Linus Media Group is a full service production agency with decades of collective experience in web video and social media and influencer marketing. We've worked with brands as small as cottage-industry one-person operations all the way to large multinationals like Intel, IBM, and Cisco.

Our passion for video creation, storytelling, and technology makes us a perfect partner for your next creative project. We not only have a deep understanding of technology, but also of the people who use it. Over the years we've built a community of millions of consumer and professional technology enthusiasts on YouTube, social media, and our own community forum.

It starts with a conversation. Tell us your communication or marketing goals and let us bring you the solution.


Linus Media Group has been great to work with. They are true professionals, very easy to work with, and highly respected by their devoted subscribers.
— Private Internet Access
Leave it to Linus Media Group for the perfect balance of professionalism and off-the-wall ideas that can garner growth, brand exposure, and fun.
— Thermaltake
Working with LMG is a lot like working at an eco-friendly wind farm. You feel good about what you’re doing, everyone stays cool & you make money.
— dbrand
They’ve always exceeded our expectations when it comes to reaching their audience and engaging with our messaging.

— FreshBooks