The History of Linus Media Group

Starting out with unboxings at NCIX, a Canadian electronic retailer, Linus went on his own and expanded to event coverage, commercial production, and tech projects.

Founded in January 2013, Linus Media Group operated primarily out of a garage with Linus Sebastian, Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee - in true "startup" fashion fighting for their survival. 

Shortly afterward, the team was expanded, the garage "office" was relocated to a repurposed residential house "office" and business continued as usual.

Unfortunately, we outgrew that and had to move out to a warehouse. We've only almost burned it down twice.

Logo designed at some point for the company as a placeholder but was never changed.

Logo designed at some point for the company as a placeholder but was never changed.


Linus Sebastian | CEO and Host


Starting out as a hardware enthusiast and working part time at NCIX, Linus rose through the ranks to become a full time sales representative, high end systems designer, product manager, to category manager. Creating YouTube content was always a side component of his job so in 2013 he founded Linus Media Group and left NCIX to pursue a career in educational entertainment focused on tech. 

Nick Light | COO


Nick coordinates sales and other projects along with general business development and strategy. He also helps manage some of the day to day operations as well. It sounds boring, but much like a clock, Linus Media Group just wouldn't "tick" quite the same without him.

Yvonne Ho | CFO


Start a company? Sure. Learn accounting? Sure. Build a warehouse? Sure. Hire people? Sure. Carry around infants the whole time while doing everything? Sure, why not?

It's hard to explain what Yvonne does because it can be anything and everything that is not in anyone else's job description and it's constantly changing. Yvonne started with Linus back in his NCIX days when they used to film unboxing after unboxing on the weekends in her parents' basement. Her next project is helping redesign sets to make them more modern and fun. The change definitely keeps Yvonne on her toes!

Edzel Yago | Production Manager


A tech enthusiast driven by gaming performance, Edzel was an NCIX lurker and shopper for years. With a history of visual arts, he pursued video production and when he had to find an internship, Edzel went to YouTube and messaged Linus about being an intern. That went on for a couple of months until he was eventually offered a job. He now spends most of his time cracking the whip, making sure videos actually get made, and is also responsible for placeholder text and images you may find on the website or videos because he thinks they're funny. Oh, he also made all the graphics and junk on here as placeholders though they eventually became official assets for some reason.

Brandon Lee | Cinematographer


A broadcast student from BCIT, Brandon joined the team in early 2013, and is our resident "gear guru" when it comes to the latest filming equipment and techniques.

He started out primarily as a video editor, but his true calling has always been behind the camera. These days, Brandon spends almost all his time looking through the lens at either one of our video hosts or at a piece of cool technology.

Taran Van Hemert | Edit Manager


Taran joined the team during one of the busiest periods in this history of Linus Media Group. It was so busy, in fact that even our seasoned veterans felt the heat, but Taran soldiered through intense work and injury to become the chief editor of our flagship Linus Tech Tips channel. So if there are any problems you know who to blame.

Taran prides himself on the speed and efficiency of his workflow. He is our resident repetitive strain injury expert (if you know what I mean), and he also occasionally writes and hosts videos. 

Colton Potter | Business Development Manager


Colton is an Account Manager who also focuses on business development, as well as other operational aspects for the company. He manages the community e-mails and helps plan events like LTX. He likes to have fun, and is a really cool dude who definitely didn't write his own bio.

Jono Tan | Account Manager


Jono has had a windy road in life as he was a writer for a gaming site, traded stocks on the side, studied Mechanical Engineering, co-founded a paintball league, worked as a corporate e-commerce consultant, and was ranked in the top 1% of PUBG solo players in North America thrice.

He now handles businessy activities and continuously wrestles Edzel on content scheduling at Linus Media Group.

Jon Martin | Writer


Jon is our first foreign worker, moving to Vancouver to join Linus Media Group from the faraway land of North Carolina. We're led to believe that's somewhere in the United States of Amsterdam or something. Geography is not a strong point for us.

But what does he do...? Well, did you ever wonder why Fast As Possible videos have sounded more complicated and factual lately? That's Jon. Thanks Jon.

Dennis Liao | Editor & Camera Operator


His original placeholder bio said "A guy we knew from school. Sometimes he knows how to make videos."  but Linus is re-writing it now, so here goes: 

Dennis joined our team after receiving a very strong recommendation for his hard work and skill at both shooting and editing videos under tight deadlines. Several team members had experience working with him at school so I went ahead with the hire after a single interview, which.. crud.. I just basically wrote the same thing..

In Edzel's defense, what he wrote originally wasn't actually that racist and was mostly factual.

Jake Tivy | Writer


Jake is the youngest team member at Linus Media Group, this being his first job ever. He started off his job interview by telling Luke that the case he was told to build in, was crap. Jake enjoys bugging Luke on the regular. He started off helping out in the warehouse, and now also assists with pre-production and writing. 

Pelle Gustavs | Editor & Camera Operator


When Pelle isn't shooting or editing, he's an avid cyclist - he once rode from Victoria to San Francisco, I guess you could say he is the athlete in the bunch? Pelle had actually never used a windows computer... ever, before he started working here. 

Tyler Curry | Writer & Logistics


Tyler manages the warehouse and keeps it nice and organized - without him, things would not always be so in order. He's in charge of everything coming in and going out... whatever that may be. In addition, Tyler contributes to writing scripts and building things we use in our videos.

Anthony Young | Writer

Anthony joined us all the way from Newfoundland -  he literally moved across the whole country to be here. Anthony has ten years of experience in computer repair and networking and now he finds himself benchmarking things, a lot. He also fixes things.... for fun. 

Alex Clark | Writer 


Alex comes from the East Coast... (get him to say "car")... and is a huge lover of the outdoors and craft beer. Before joining the team, Alex enjoyed designing and racing dune buggies. Now, most of his job is thinking "that sounds like a terrible idea," and then doing it anyway.  

James Strieb | Writer 


With a Geography degree from UBC and an advanced diploma in GIS from BCIT, James is working exactly outside of his field. He spends most of his time at LMG reviewing products, writing the WAN show, and having the fruits of his creativity squashed by the Suits upstairs…aaaand he’s fired.

Alexandre Potvin | Editor


This guy is from Vancouver Island but strangely has a french accent. We don't really understand it. People don't even speak french there. He's since moved to the mainland and cuts together the memey videos you watch.

Ivan Metelitsa | Writer


Linus' first direct subordinate back in the NCIX days, Ivan worked his way up to Lead System Designer for their system integration division. After his path at NCIX ended, he was invited to do a 3-day project rebuilding our editors' workstations during which he defeated Linus in an impromptu build-off. From there he basically kept on showing up until we accepted our fate and gave him a permanent job. Ivan specializes in PC projects, disruptive humor and #comradeengineering

Janice Tolkamp | Bookkeeper

A Proven ‘Jill of all trades’, Janice was first hired - through Kijiji - to provide childcare for Linus and Yvonne. Her competence and pleasant demeanor drove her job description to quickly expand into set-construction and, ultimately, book keeping. Janice’s experience in childhood fine arts education serves her well at LMG, where she now chases adult children.

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