Software Engineer - FPC

As a Software Engineer at Floatplane Media/Linus Media Group you will be modifying/hacking additional functionality into pre-existing systems and creating some new ones from scratch, some of the many things you may be working on include:

Video distribution systems, both for download and streaming.

Comments and chat systems.

Powerful tools for creators to manage and improve their pages and interact with their audiences.

Elegant, highly-available web services to support our front-end platform.

Front end web engineering that is functional, beautiful, and has a premium feel.

Applications for one of the many non-web platforms we want to support, including iOS, Android, Consoles, and more.

New features that we haven't thought of yet

Agile tools either for internal or external use that lets us support our customers and partners.


·         Professional software development experience, the more the better

·         No degree/piece of paper that says you know how to code required BUT you must roughly have coding knowledge that a 4th year university student would have at a minimum, we just don't care how you learned it.

·         High proficiency in Javascript is a must.

Bonus Points

·         Experience with NoSQL

·         A strong knowledge of internet and web technology fundamentals

·         Experience working in agile development teams

·         Experience working on complex, multi-layer applications

·         A passion for interactive media, modern web content creator, and building communities

·         Experience with video transcoding

·         If you're a fantastic fit, remote work may be acceptable, however on location work would be greatly preferred

About Floatplane Media

The trend today is for social platforms to grow user count at all costs. This is how they attract online creators and build loyalty to their platform.

The problem for creators is that this "loyalty" is pretty much a gun to the head that says "Abandon us and you'll lose everything you worked for. Lol.".

The problem for the audience is that social platforms have their own agenda with respect to big data.

This motivates them to make algorithmic changes that benefit the service, but harm the viewer-creator relationship, like delivering trending videos to an activity feed rather than the content that was actively followed or subscribed to.

So, in the short-term, our goal is very simple. We're either going to take over the world or, failing that, we'll build a platform for online video makers to deliver their content DIRECTLY to their audiences without the restrictions imposed by traditional online social media services.

In the long term, however, Floatplane Media's more general mission is to develop really cool tools to reduce online creators' dependence on a single social platform and give them more time and resources to CREATE, while enriching the experience for their loyal communities with stable, elegant apps. It's win-win, so even if it doesn't soar it probably won't sink. Because Floatplane.

To apply:

Please email cover letter, resume, details of relevant experience, and examples of projects you have contributed to/worked on to Please title your email “Software Engineer Application”